Life Happens

Life happens; be prepared! 
Life is filled with major events, for which we spend years planning, but it also has a way of throwing unexpected events in our paths. Whether these surprises are positive or negative, they alter our planning and need to be addressed financially. The links below take you directly to the MainStay Investments website, which offers down-to-earth information and useful tools to help you prepare yourself for when "life happens."


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Life Matters
Life affects your finances, and often in ways you can't easily identify. Life Matters is designed by Mainstay Investments and NY Life Insurance to help better understand how different life events can affect your financial plans and goals, and how to respond accordingly. Family events, personal finance events, workplace events, and other life events are all covered in this section. 

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What Is a LifeFolio? 
LifeFolio is an easy-to-use management system that will help you and your family inventory personal data and important documents, together with the names of your key contacts, all in one convenient place. LifeFolio provides you with a checklist of the documents that are most important at various life stages. Additionally, LifeFolio can be the basis from which you organize all of your important financial and personal documents into a straightforward filing system. 

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