Ten Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

With over 200,000 financial advisors across the country, how do you know which one will be the right fit for your situation and personality? The financial advisor you choose to handle your family’s wealth will have a significant impact on your investment strategy, the fees you pay, and your confidence in your financial future. This is not a decision to take lightly, especially since each advisor has a different level of service, expertise, and ability.


What We Do and How We Can Help

People often assume that only those who have mismanaged their money are stressed about finances. However, even hard-working and successful individuals and families can lack confidence in their future.


At The Harvey Group, we understand the stress and concern that can come with facing financial decisions. After working hard throughout your career to build your wealth, you want to make sure it works hard for you in return when you retire and when you want to leave a legacy.

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Like many people, I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my life. But I did know I wanted a career I was passionate about and allowed me to make a difference.


While my career didn’t start in finance, I had always found it fascinating. Since the mid-1970s, I had been investing on my own with the help of a broker at EF Hutton. In 1983, I was looking for a career change after getting out of the retail card shop business, and my broker said I should interview with them for an open position they had at the time.


I took his advice, aced the “cold calling” challenge, and quickly discovered that I had a knack for describing investments in a way that clients understood them without feeling overwhelmed. You could say it was the best career advice I ever received, and I’m glad I followed it.