SAMPLE LETTER to your executor/executrix, CPA, attorney and/or family members to give instructions in the event of emergency.  This letter assumes that you have set up a LifeFolio Home Filing System.  The [bracketed content] is variable, depending upon your situation. 






City, State Zip]


Dear [Name]:


As [my executor], [the person who holds my Power of Attorney], [the loved one who will be called upon should I become ill], I wanted to write a brief note to let you know where my important documents may be found in the event of an emergency or upon my death.


In [my filing cabinet, next to the desk in my home office], you will find my important files. [The file is unlocked.] [The key to the file is on the key ring in my top dresser drawer.] The files are divided into logical sections and should be easy for you to find.  Behind each section divider, you'll find my files in alphabetical order. The file sections are as follows:

LifeFolio Checklist

Emergency Items, Contacts

Mutual Funds

Investments, Asset Management

Banks, Mortgages, Loans

Health Insurance

Retirement, Pension Plans

Medical Records

Life Insurance, Long Term Care
Other Corporate Benefits
Property & Casualty Insurance
Trusts, Financial Plan
Telephone, Cell Phone
Credit Cards
Tax Documents
Titles & Deeds
Warranties, Service Contracts, Instructions


The first file in the drawer [on the left hand side] is an updated copy of my “LifeFolio Checklist.”  This checklist serves as a table of contents of every important document I have and where each may be found ([in my file drawer or elsewhere]).  Secondly, you will find my “Emergency File.”  In this file there's [a certified copy of my Last Will and Testament], [my durable Power of Attorney], [my Living Will/Healthcare Proxy], [the Powers of Attorney for each of my financial institution accounts], [the beneficiary forms for every account I have for which there is a beneficiary], a list of the key people you will want to contact, [other important items], and a copy of this letter. 


[Attached please find a copy of my current LifeFolio Checklist.  This will help you to know the locations of my key documents, in advance.]  It is my hope that this will make life a bit easier for you at a difficult time. Thank you in advance for your willingness to be of assistance to me [and my family].


                                                                                                [With Love,] [Very Truly Yours,]

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